Expandable hoses have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they are not without their drawbacks. One of the biggest problems with expandable hoses is their durability. These hoses are made from a lightweight material that is susceptible to punctures and bursting. As a result, they often need to be replaced more frequently than traditional hoses. In addition, there has been many companies trying to undercut each other and be the cheapest on the market which has exaggerated the issue with low grade materials & plastic fittings leading to even shorter lifespans. Sometimes only a few uses. 

However, we have set out to produce the strongest in the UK and we're so confident that you'll like it that we have backed this up with a 150% money back guarantee. Yes - All of your money back plus 50% as a thank you for trying us out. 

They may not be the most durable, but feel free to try us out for a win-win. 

Bungee hose