Yes, it comes with an outside tap adapter for outdoor UK 3/4” taps

Thank you for your order! If you'd like to extend it, you can order an additional hose and if you include the male to male joining connector which is on the checkout page, this will join the two hoses. They are all brass fittings so there will be no leaks.

No, unfortunately these attachments don’t fit a kitchen tap, but you will find that all hoses are usually sold with the connections that we supply.

A kitchen tap connector is usually sold separately as these can vary between the kitchen taps. Please note that the plastic ones often aren’t very good, so if you can find a brass tap connector, that will be much better.

Yes, they will fit any other products you have from other companies, including sprinklers.

However, the main issue is that expandable hoses rely on back pressure to stay expanded and because sprinklers have a high discharge, they often don’t reach their full length when being used with a sprinkler. So just bear this in mind, other than that the connections will fit etc.

Yes, it comes with universal quick connectors that will fit pressure washers. It is all-brass fittings as well so you will have a good connection.